“Startups can gain unique opportunities to compete with incumbents during major tech shifts.”

Dr. Xuhui Shao

Tsinghua/ U of Minnesota
Yahoo VP, Turn CTO
AI & enterprise software expert
11 patents

Dr. Jinlin Wang

Tsinghua/ U of Connecticut
Auryc CEO, Answers COO
Enterprise software expert
5 patents

Eric Rosenblum

Harvard/ MIT
SmartPay CEO, Drawbridge COO Google Product Director 
Big data & cyber security expert 2 patents

Dr. Michael Jin

Tsinghua/ Stanford
IGC & SSI/ iWatt Co-founder
Biotech & IC expert
50 patents

Wenxiang Ma

Tsinghua/ Yale
Arena Solutions CTO
Oracle & Borland 
Enterprise software expert

Dr. Steve Sun

Tsinghua/ Columbia
Chairman / Founding CEO Genewiz
Biotech expert

Dr. Biao He

Tsinghua/ U of Virginia
ACCB Biotech Co-founder, UCSF Oncology professor
Biotech expert

Hong Ge

Tsinghua/ Yale
Airbnb China VP Engineering, Facebook Engineering Director
Marketplace business expert

Dr. Ning Li

Tsinghua / Rice University
Petuum cofounder, Seagate Technology
Material Science, Storage, and AI expert

Andre Oshydary

U of Wisconsin-Madison
CitiGroup Senior VP, Oshta Global Managing Partner
Finance, Business Dev expert